Weekly outline

  • General

    Thursday Night Bible Study

    An in-depth look at the gospel of John. Each chapter explores the Word who became human to show us the way to God and give His life as a ransom for all. Study the impact of Christ's ministry and how He prepared the disciples for His death and ultimate victory. 20 lessons. The book can be purchased at http://store.urbanministries.com/life-in-jesus-god-s-son-enrichment-books-1-11w

  • Jesus, the Word Among Us


    That students  UNDERSTAND the biblical significance of the Incarnation (God becoming human) to dwell among us.

  • Born to Bear Witness to Jesus


    That students LEARN the value of witnessing to others concerning Jesus Christ and WORK in a supportive role to bring about change in the lives of others.

  • Jesus Informs Nicodemus


    By the end of this unit of instruction we  will REMIND students of the necessity of being born again and students will UNDERSTAND the importance of making this conscious decision in their lives.

  • Jesus Breaks Down Barriers


    By the end of this unit of instruction we will REMIND participants that Jesus is concerned about every person regardless of race, tradition and culture. They will DESIRE to feel the same toward people as Jesus does; and they will DECIDE to take some steps to show concern for a person or persons different from them.

  • Jesus Reveals Himself Through Healing


    By the end of the lesson students will be able to DISCERN how Jesus' love and compassion led to the healing of a man afflicted for 38 years, REJOICE that Jesus is able deal with the toughest problems we may have, and COMMIT some long-standing problem to Him for resolution.

    • Jesus Reveals Himself Through Scripture


      By the end of this unit of instruction, the student shall UNDERSTAND the nature and being of God as revealed in Scripture. Students should also be able to EXPLAIN that God is not a physical being who can be seen and touched and UNDERSTAND that God's glory can be seen in Jesus

    • Jesus, the Bread of Life


      By the end of the lesson students will UNDERSTAND that only Jesus can satisfy the longing and emptiness that everyone experiences in life.

    • Jesus Sets People Free


      By the end of the lesson participants should UNDERSTAND what it means to be set free by Jesus the Liberator, should DESIRE to be free from some particular bondage, and will COMMIT that area to the Lord for deliverance.

    • Jesus, the Light of the World


      That participants will GRASP the significance of Jesus opening the eyes of the man born blind, will RECOGNIZE the value of spiritual light and become CONVINCED of their need to become light bearers to those who need to know Him who is Light of the world.

    • Jesus Explains His Death's Purpose


      The objective of this session was to ensure that participants will UNDERSTAND that they may be rejected because of their stand for Jesus, will become CONVINCED that Jesus is worthy of their faithfulness, and will DETERMINE to be loyal when tempted to be disloyal.

    • Jesus Teaches About Service


      That students will UNDERSTAND what it means to be a servant of the Lord by serving others.

    • Jesus, the Way, the Truth, the Life


      By the end of this unit of instruction the student shall LOOK at the themes that appear in the scripture and APPLY the Word of God to daily life.

    • Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit


      Students will understand the nature and work of the Holy Spirit as revealed in our text, and they will determine to allow Him to fulfill His
      ministry in their lives.

    • Jesus, the True Vine


      That participants UNDERSTAND the principle of abiding in Christ as a means of producing fruit that pleases the Father, that they BECOME CONVINCED of the necessity of doing so; and they DEDICATE  themselves to remaining in loving, fruit bearing fellowships with Him.

    • Jesus Teaches About His Departure


      That students learn how to trust the Holy Spirit, who will guide them into the truth of Jesus and what He can do for their lives.

    • Jesus Is Betrayed and Arrested


      That students see the importance of standing up for Jesus so they won't yield to temptation of forsaking Him.

    • Jesus Is Disowned


      That students understand that even though they may fail, God is there to help them overcome temptations and pressures if they ask.